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Lucifer: Is Season 5 The Final Season? Show’s Future And Season 6 Plans Revealed

Lucifer. The bored Devil back on Earth. Reviving Lucifer was great for Netflix. The show has grown in viewers even more now. After being cancelled by Fox studios the show was revived by Netflix and was the fourth season was released in 2019.

However, now it is time for the next season. Although we here told that the upcoming fifth season was going to be the last in the series, it might change. There’s a possibility of the sixth season as well. However, let us first see when could be the release date of the fifth season set.

When Would Season 5 of Lucifer Release?

The show underwent into production back in September 2019. However, the production of the show isn’t even near completion. Recently Ildy Modrovich said that they had completed filming of the 15th episode of the show and were on their way to film the 16th one. Due to lockdown midst coronavirus pandemic, the show was halted for production along with its post-production work.

It is possible that the production of the first part of the fifth season was completed. We are not sure though. If the production of the first part is completed then we might get it soon or else it might be released in fall 2020.

What Do We Know About Show’s Future Plans?

The fifth season of the show was confirmed on May 17th 2019 along with a piece of sorrowful news that it is going to be the end of Lucifer. However, recently in February, there were rumours about a sixth season of the show under planning. Apparently WB and Netflix were discussing a possibility of the sixth season.

As the show wasn’t ever cancelled officially. There is very much chance that it is renewed for the sixth season. Moreover, Lucifer is a very huge character from DC so it has endless possibilities to go into. So, there couldn’t be a shortage of storyline also. Sure information might be given to us once the fifth season is released.

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