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Lucifer: Netflix Confirms Season 6! And It Will Be The Final Season

The fox drama series is finally rescued by Netflix. So it is “officially official” that the season 6 of our very own, most popular Lucifer is happening at Netflix on none other than our streaming platform. You all guys must be finally in peace, right? Fans must be going crazy but there is no doubt that Lucifer did amazing with all the subscribers, views, and gathering a huge amount of audience.

The season fifth of Lucifer was split in half where the first half is still set to air later this year but there is nothing to doubt that arrival of next sixth season was always a literal shilly-shally. Despite all this, Netflix got impressed by the performance and watching the craze among the people about the fifth season of Lucifer which later turned out in the negotiations done with the star Tom Ellis. Now it seems like Tom Ellis convinced Netflix and vice-versa because Netflix even released a short teaser trailer video indicating that season 6 is finally on! But yes this is also officially revealed that season 6 will be the “The FINAL” season of the show.

Here is the little insight from the show.

As it is confirmed that next season is coming but we have no clue regarding the episodes, premiere dates, or even the plot. For sure more of Lucifer will be there! No matter what we will be surely getting many updates from the show soon. And “The Buzz Paper” will try to keep you updated with all the latest happenings. Wishing you all to stay safe from our whole team.

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