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‘Lucifer: Season 5’ 3 Things We Don’t Want To See In The Upcoming Season

Source: The Courier Daily

Finally, Netflix has renewed our show Lucifer and let us- “the fans” to finish the stories or solve the cliffhangers.

So on June 23, Netflix revealed that Lucifer’s sixth season is finally going to happen via the official Twitter post. Where the first half of season 5 will hit Netflix on 21 August.

so here are three things that we do not want to see in the upcoming season:

  • As the fourth season ended where Lucifer and Chloe both confessed their feelings for each other and the devil or the god of hell becomes heartbroken and leaves her just to return to hell and prevent an apocalypse on the earth. So we do not want that this confession to create any more differences in their relationship and causing problems being apart.
  • Netflix finally extended the series to another season which is for “sixth”. Fans do not want to leave Lucifer on a sad note as this may even increase the possibility of the back door pilot which was introduced by the character of the dream as we call him “Morpheus.” They are just some assumptions but not any confirmation.
  • Fans do not want to wait too long between the first and second parts of the fifth season of Lucifer. As the pandemic has affected literally every show and its shooting but we are glad that shootings of the fifth season are already completed and creators are working on the script of next season now (hard-working team). So yes we can expect the early arrival but these are just speculation.
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