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Lucifer Season 5: Netflix Release Date Revealed! Everything We Know So Far

Lucifer, the people’s loved devil. Lucifer is set to return with season 5. After season 4’s successful release, Netflix has decided to release the fifth and final season. This season is going to be longer than the last one and will be split into two halves. There is a lot of excitement in the fans who have anxiously waited for the show to return. Moreover, credits should be given to Lucifans to revive the show from dead after being cancelled once by Fox.

When Can We Have It On Screens?

The show was renewed for the fifth season on May 7th, 2019. The writing of the show began around June. The first episode was written by July, and the filming had already started by September. The final episode of the first part was filmed in December. In February 2020 we got the news that writing of every episode was done. Since the filming of the first part is completed, we can expect its release by summer 2020. However, putting a date on the second part’s announcement is quite difficult right now. Some fans expect it by the end of 2020 though.

Who will we see?

The primary cast that is Lucifer’s gang from season 4 will surely be there. Moreover, we might as well see some new recurring face. Dennis Haysbert has been confirmed. He will be playing the role of Lucifer’s father, God. The fans would surely be excited to know about it, as it was one of the most awaited characters. Inbar Lavi shall return as well in the role of Eve. Her story doesn’t seem to have ended yet.

Where might the story GO?

Since it is the final season, the creators will surely wish to give it a satisfying ending. This means the show will have all its loose ends tied up. Moreover, God is in the cast his so all the misconceptions between him and his son will be cleared up. Finally, we might see the devil’s love story to come to a happy ending.

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