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Lucifer Season 5: Netflix Release Date Rumors Busted!

Lucifer. See you in hell. So it is confirmed that Lucifer is going to have another season. Another one of Netflix’s adopted shows, Lucifer is flourishing like anything. Back when the show was cancelled by Fox, Netflix came to its rescue and revived it on people’s demand. Now the show is paying it back. So when is this highly anticipated season of Lucifer going to release?

Here’s everything that we know about the release date!

The fifth season was expected to premiere in May 2020 and it would have released by then only if the world didn’t go into sudden lockdown. Now we are not sure when would it release. However, rumours are it has only been pushed back a couple of months and would be released by July 2020. Although I cannot those rumours but can certainly justify its validity.

The July release is being expected in case the pandemic stops and the world gets back to normal. Well, we cannot say it is going to happen or not, with the situations worsening it seems that it might not be possible. However, there’s no foul in hoping.

What might happen in the next season?

Not much has been revealed but it is enough to make reliable theories. We know that God will make an appearance in the next season. Dennis Haysbert has already been cast for that role. It is believed that God may meet Lucifer in the most unexpected situation, a theory even suggests that they might meet in hell.

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The titles for the episodes of next season have been revealed and it tells a little about what to expect. We know that the tenth episode is going to be musical and not just randomly but with a legitimate reason for it.

Although it was announced that the fifth season was going to be the final one, it has recently been put in the light of doubt. It is speculated that there is one more season to come.

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