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Lucifer Season 5: Netflix Release Scheduled, And Cast Updates

Lucifer, the devil returns. We already know that season 5 of Lucifer has been confirmed. It will be the last season though. The show certainly has a huge fan base. The statement is supported by the fact that it was forcibly renewed by Netflix after season 3 on audience demand. #ReviveLucifer was a common twitter handle those days.

When is season 5 gonna hit screens?

Season 5 is going to be the farewell season of Lucifer. However, the exciting news is, this season is going to have 16 episodes in total. 8 episodes will be released first and the next 8 will be released later. Although we do not have an official release date yet if the schedule is followed then the first part of season 5 should air around summer 2020. The second part is scheduled at the end of 2020. There is an anticipation of delay though. To build up excitement amongst the audience Netflix can delay the show furthermore.

Cast to appear on Screens?

Of course, the main cast of the show will return.

Tom Ellis(Lucifer Morningstar)

Lauren German(Chloe Decker)


Kevin Alejandro(Detective Dan)

Aimee Garcia(Ella Lopez)

D.B Woodside(Amanadiel),

Rachael Harris(Dr Linda)

Inbar Lavi(Eve). 

In addition to these characters, we meet some guest stars in every season. In this season too there are going to be some guest stars.

What Might Happen?

Lucifer is full of mysteries, the show and the character both. In this season we can expect to see some mysteries unwind. The show has a lot of loose ends which are supposed to be tied up in this season. For instance, we haven’t seen ‘God’, Lucifer’s father, yet. We might see him too in this season.

In the last season, Lucifer had to leave earth and hold his position in hell. This season he certainly will return ‘home‘. There’s also the case of Lucifer’s first love, Chloe. His love story has to go somewhere, it can not be left dangling. These seem some reasonable directions for the story to go.

Let us leave the rest of the story for the show writers to write.

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