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Lucifer Season 5: Production Pushed! But Your Favourite Character Might Die!

Lucifer, The Devil In Love. With its fifth and presumably the last one under production. The next season will soon be airing as soon as we get through the present corona situation. There’s also a rumour around the web that suggests that a potential sixth season could be becoming. However, it hasn’t been confirmed yet.

Has the Corona Outbreak affected Lucifer’s Production?

Actually, yes it has. Although de did not have a release date before, it could be delayed even more now. A report said that the production of Lucifer had been halted. The reason, of course, being the outbreak of coronavirus.

Ildy Modrovich confirmed it on her Twitter page, that the show has been delayed due to the outbreak. She told that they had completed filming the 15th episode but the 16th one was still due. It makes us think that the first part would be ready, with only ost-production to work on. However, unfortunately, the post-production has also been halted due to some reason.

We might get to watch the fifth season of Lucifer by the Autumn or the Fall of 2020. Well, at least the first part of it.

Who might die in the next season of Lucifer?

Well, it is quite a dilemma to decide who might die in the next season. It more describes who should die according to me, as no plot details have been revealed.

Based on the present situation of hell, things aren’t going to be easy for Lucifer to return to earth this, as he wouldn’t want to bring chaos and apocalypse into the world. So it is very much possible that he looks for another king of the hell. Seeing that Lucifer comes from a family where he has many siblings, who could be better than his own to rule the hell, So who is that one sibling who would want to leave everything for Lucifer to return. I do not know why but it feels like it would be Amanadiel. He certainly cares for his brother a lot. He might take his place in hell, in a way die.

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