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Lucifer Season 5 : Release Date And Netflix’s Season 6 Plans Might Be Revealed

Lucifer’s last season, Season 4, was released in May last year. And very soon, in the next month, the creators of this drama officially announced that Lucifer is going to be renewed for another season. Since then, although, there are no official updates have been made regarding the details of this season.

What We Know About Season 5 Till Now?

It has been more than ten months that the Netflix has announced the renewal of this urban fantasy drama for Season 5. But there is no official release date of this season. The Season 3 of Lucifer came out in October 2017. So there was the gap of one and half year between the Season 3 and Season 4. And right now, the world is struggling with a pandemic which effects are going to stay for some months. It narrows down the chances of a release date for any time soon. But it is being predicted that the creators will release the Season 5 of Lucifer later this year. So far this is just a speculation and nothing official.

Will There Be Season 6 of Lucifer?

This is too early to say anything regarding this. But the rumours are doing rounds of the internet that there will be another season after Season 5. Although, Netflix has announced earlier that the Season 5 would be the last instalment of Lucifer. The doubts which gave birth to this speculation is regarding the number of episodes in Season 5. Initially, it was ten but later on, the update came that the Season 5 of Lucifer will have 16 episodes which will be released in two instalments of eight episodes each. Let see if the creators will release the Season 5 with a break in between or they will extend the web series for another season.

Netflix Will Release The Season 5?

As the first three seasons were released by Fox, there are rumours that Season 5 would be released by them. But these rumours are fake and Netflix will release the Season 5 whenever it will come.

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