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Lucifer Season 5: The Devil Is Returning With The Evilest Season On Netflix! But When?

Lucifer. The Netflix revived show has achieved soaring success on Netflix since the fourth season. Now that the show has already been renewed for the fifth season the only question is when? When will the show release? Earlier it was expected to be released in May this year, perhaps we could have gotten it already if it was not for the pandemic.

When will the show release?

The fifth season of Lucifer has been decided to be released in two parts. One of which is speculated to have hit completion in filming. However, we cannot be sure of that. Ildy Modrovich announced that they had completed episode 15 and moving toward episode 16 when the production was halted. So it puts up strong speculation that the first part of the show might have been filmed. However, it wasn’t confirmed that the filming of each episode was in order or not. Hence the lack of surety.

However, if the filming of the first season has already finished then we might get it on screens by the fall of this year. That delay is because the post-production work of lucifer has also been halted. Although we are not sure of that, it is all an assumption based on facts.

What might happen in the next season?

As of now, not much is known about the plot of the upcoming season. However, some new theories have surely come into light. We expect Lilith to make an appearance. It is due to the fact that Lilith was often mentioned in the fourth season. A theory suggests that Lilith may rule the rule at the end of this season. That actually makes sense, as she had also trained the beasts earlier so she could even rule the hell. Well, that’s just a theory and cannot be confirmed yet. Stay tuned for more.

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