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Lucifer Season 5: Updates About Its Release Date And Cast

Lucifer Season 4 had been launched before 2 years and after that, the fans are waiting for its season 5 from a very long time and the creators have been testing their patience from a very long time but now it looks like their patience is going to end as now some news has come out regarding its release date and more information regarding it.

What Netflix Has To Say About It

Netflix had already made its official announcement regarding its season 5 in June 2019 that it’s going to come but had not given any official date regarding it. But now the creator of the show had announced that it’s season 5 is going to come on 21 August 2020. He had made this announcement in his Twitter official account.

How Many Episodes it will Have

Lucifer Season 5 was earlier going to have 10 episodes but after seeing the love and excitement for its season 5 now the creators have decided that it will have 16 episodes.
The Episodes Will be launched in two parts. 8 episodes will be launched once and after a gap of some days then the others will be launched.

No one knows that what’s the thinking of the creators being it but thats what will happen. The viewers are waiting for it as they had loved its season 4 and are waiting for season 5.

If you guys have not watched it yet then you should go and watch it because it’s worth watching and you will not get disappointed by watching it.

That’s all for now we will let you know whenever we will get to know anything more about it.

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