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Magnum Pi: Season 3? CBS Release Date

Magnum Pi Season 3
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Magnum P.I. is an American origin action crime drama series. This series is crafted by
Eric Guggenheim and Peter M. Lenkov. The first season of this series was released in 2018.

This series is a reboot of the series named Magnum Pi, which was created by Glen A. Larson and Donald P. Bellisario. The earlier version was released back in 1980 and continued till 1988.

Magnum Pi Season 3 RELEASE DATE?

The series got renewed for the third installment in May 2020.
Currently, the shooting for season three restarted, and according to that, we can say that season three will release on its previously scheduled date which is November 2020 or if not then it will release in early 2021.


The main cast of the show may appear in the upcoming season which includes:

  • Jay Hernandez plays the role of Thomas Magnum
  • Perdita Weeks plays the role of Juliet Higgins,
  • Zachary Knighton plays the role of Rick,
  • Stephen Hill plays the role of Theodore Calvin or T.C.,
  • Amy Hill plays the role ofย  Kumu,
  • Tim Tang plays the role of Katsumoto.

Some news faces may join the cast member of the series because there is always a new character in every case they solve. So, some people may join the cast and it will depend on the plot of the upcoming season.

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The last two season of Magnum Pi has different mysteries which was solved by Magnum and his team. In the next season, we will see some new mystery that will challenge Magnum and his team.

We saw in the previous season about the issue faces by Higgins regarding her stay in Hawaii due to the expiration of Visa. The visa problem is still not solved because Higgins refuses to marry someone to get the green card and stay there to work with Magnum. So we can see that she may take help from Robin master regarding her stay.

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