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Meet The Indian Boy Who Spent $ 21k In PUBG! Gone To Far?

Source: Entrackr

Battle Royale mobile game, ever heard about that? Well, also known as a Player Unknowns Battleground or often called PUBG! This game is banned in multiple parts of the world because of its craze in some underage kids. We frequently hear some random, dumb news of children getting some physical, psychological, and mental issues. This game conquers the mind of children and due to some sudden, loud actions lead to minor panic attacks also.

Here is yet another news of an addicted boy from Punjab, India. He literally spent $21k on this game that too from his father’s bank account as of course he had access to that, which is quite normal these days. But just getting access is something else and spending like $21k is huge.

The guy is 17 years old who took his father’s mobile phone for the purpose of online classes due to this pandemic which we all are engaged to but literally except the bank account it and purchased crate from the game for his friends and himself.

Now, what did the parents do as they can’t get their money back?

You always be thinking that of course what happened to the child after the parents came to know about his “double-dealings” so the best part is, his father decided that in order to repay the amount that his son spends on PUBG crates, he made him work at a scooter repair garage in order to teach the value of how money is earned. And respond to this his father stated that after this incident he cannot even give him his phone for studies and cannot just let him sit idle and do nothing at home so in order to make him understand the true value of money he made him work on the scooter repair shop.

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He also mentioned that the future is truly hopeless because that money was for emergency situations, healthcare, and education which is all gone now. The boy was in a habit of shuffling the money between his mother’s, father and his own account in order to keep the balance maintain but later found out that he was voluntarily into spending too much money that even the police did not take any action.

Moral of this post

So we are trying to say that it is one another time that the young gamer is destroying their future, health, money and of course time. So be careful and don’t make a fool out of yourself.

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