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Messiah Won’t Return To Netflix For Season 2! But Why?

What it would be like, if, Jesus returns to Earth, back to us?
What would have happened if you would have found a probable answer to it?

Micheal Petroni’s show Messiah would have given some light on this fact, but it looks like Messiah won’t return to Netflix for Season 2.

Want to know why to let me be the one to help you out!

What Messiah is about?

Released on January 1, 2020, starring Mehdi Dehbi is a story about what would have happened if Isa or Jesus would come down on Earth. Not so famous American thriller web series was closed just after one season. On March 26, 2020, Netflix cancelled the continuation of the series.

Throughout the season, a question remained that, whether this person is the Second Coming of Christ or a con artist. In the last episode, something out of the blue came, we saw that the mysterious character has some divine powers, which includes bringing a dead back to life.

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Why Netflix had to stop this Season?

There may be more than one factor for the cancellation of the series. If I do get hold of an executive from Netflix be assured you will be the first to know the exact and updated information.

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As of now the cancellation of the series may have been because of viewers.
We all know how important it is for a Season to have viewers. In its first season, although having a unique storyline concept and exceptional direction, the Season didn’t attract many viewers. Maybe the Season could have been marketed/advertised well.

The other reason may be religious conflicts. The Season depicts another Jesus and also impacts the belief of Muslims.

Altering the beliefs even in a fictional universe may impact Netflix and community harshly.

With all the maybes we are sure shot certain for one thing, to the utter disbelief of fans, that the Season is not in for another run.
This is the last of it.

I would have loved to know if Messiah if he had some divine powers or just another trick from Now You See Me. I guess we would never know.

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