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Miley Cyrus To Return As Hannah Montana In A Possible Reboot

Miley Cyrus To Return As Hannah Montana
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Hannah Montana is an American origin sitcom series. The series is also known as Hannah Montana Forever. The series is crafted by Rich Correll, Bary O’ Brien, and Michael Poryes. The series is based on a girl Miley Steward ( played by Miley Cyrus ) who is a teenage girl and living a dual life. In a day she lived like an average school girl but at night she lived the life of a popular singer Hannah Montana.


Miley Cyrus is braced up to give viewers the “best of both worlds” by probably  delivering Hannah Montana

On a virtual appearance with Greg T on the Carolina in the Morning radio show, Miley announced that she didn’t oppose to bring her blonde avatar from the Hannah Montana back to television screens, which was loved by her fans even now.

Miley also said that she tried to put that blonde wig on all the time,”. when the interviewer asked about a  reboot to the popular Disney Channel series Hannah Montana, Cyrus stated that “She’s just in storage compiling dust and She is ready to whip her out …

She continued her statement that she  definitely would like to rejuvenate Hannah at some point in the future and the Hannah character  needs a big re-fashioning because that character sort of cemented in the year 2008, so she said that  we’ll have to go shopping with Miss Montana.”

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Miley also started during her radio interview that while she would unquestionably yearning to do the series again.

There Miley also said that:  Returning with the next season will be sometime in the future and hopefully she is going to direct it.


Miley Cyrus is an American origin actress singer-songwriter and record producer. She is also known as Destiny Hope Cyrus, Hannah Montana and Ashley O. Cyrus adopted vegan life and she supports animal rights. Cyrus was previously married to Liam Hemsworth, who is the brother of the Thor actor Chris Hemsworth.

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