Mindhunter : Season 3 Release on Netflix? What’s The Real Reason Behind Its Delay?


Mindhunter is the epitome of the psychological thriller genre. The series came out as one of the best book adaptation web series. Mindhunter is the perfect amalgamation of the engaging characters and the mind-boggling narrative.  It was aired on Netflix in October 2017  and the initial contract was for two seasons. And both seasons were praised by the critics as well as from the psychological thrill lovers. The critics gave this web series the ratings like never-seen-before.

Will There Be 3rd Season Of Mindhunter?

After Season 2, now the question arises that when the audience could witness the mind gripping show again? Unfortunately, there is not any news about the renewal of the contracts for Season 3. For now, it seems that the whole project is on hold. The director of the series is currently busy in some other project, probably on an animated series. Many cast members are free and willing to take new roles in other movies and series.  And there is no news about the creation of any new storyline with new cast members. But it is predicted that the new season will have a new perspective, more hard to decipher the type of cases.

So Mindhunter fans,  don’t get disappointed as the new season could be revived again.  But it’s unlikely to begin any time soon.

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Will The Netflix Host The Mindhunter?

There are speculations that maybe the third season of Mindhunter will not be broadcast on Netflix. But as the previous two seasons were released on Netflix, these speculations can be dismissed without any second thought. And Netflix is famous for reviving the terminated series from different other media – service providers, so it would not leave its own series while the series is at its peak potential.

All we, the diehard fans of Mindhunter, could do is to wait for the official announcement and hope that it will be worth our patience. Till then we can rewatch this exceptional series, obviously.

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