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Money Heist ‘La Casa De Papel’ Season 4: 5 Fan Theories Every Fan Should Read Before Season Premiere On Netflix

As the trailer of Europe’s number one show Money Heist ‘La Casa De Papel’s ‘ trailer has been launched by Netflix and now fans are all set to watch it’s season four which is going to return on 3rd April 2020.

As people are obsessed with the show and can’t wait for it’s next season to arrive. Some fans have created many theories. Out of them, some are listed below:

•Theory~ Nairobi may still whip-up in the fourth season.

The third season left us with shilly-shally of Nairobi’s life where she was shot while not wearing a vest and left bloodied after a gunshot. But still, there are theories that Nairobi may still survive and make-up to the episodes but confirmed that too for some flashback episodes only. Still, it’s not confirmed if she’s Dead or alive.

•Theory~ There is some connection between Alicia and The Team. Maybe she is Tatiana?

We know She is Tatiana! As fans would love this if it turns out to be true.
She’s always up to something. Her vim is that she is one step ahead from everyone as she knows how The Professor and Team’s brain works.
But her being Tatiana seems that rumors are unerring.

Theory~ What’s with Alicia’s Pregnancy? Is she pregnant?

The master-mind is pregnant?
Yes I’m talking about Tatiana (Consider her as the prior girlfriend of berlin)
Well, it seems like you should keep yourself away from all the chaos and turmoil during this crucial time but her pregnancy is little dicey.
She is highly likely to be Tatiana.
She always knows the next steps of the team and could be helpful for the Professor, which he was always looking for. Some of the fans also assumed her as Inspector Alicia.
She could do some last-minute changes and flip the whole game.

Theory~ Tokyo and Rio’s Friendship may last. Where Tokyo can Ruin Someone’s Life.

We all are well aware of stupidity they both have done in the past but still got their ways to lead and though all the things are not the same anymore, they will remain as friends.
But Tokyo hasn’t improved himself and him being impulsive and careless can cause a threat to somebody’s life. Which can turn-out to the failure of the whole mission?

•Theory~ It was found that Professor may see Lisbon again??

According to some predictions that fans have made, some are in Lisbon.
Lisbon might break Professor’s trust and may encounter him again next season.
The only fourth season will tell what The Professor is going to do with Lisbon. And how Lisbon will pay him off.

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