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Money Heist ‘La Casa De Papel’ Season 5: Release Delayed To 2021 Due To Coronavirus? Updates On Netflix

Money Heist is among the few web series which has defined the popular culture of 2020. Season 4 of this heist drama was released in April this year. The hype created by this drama after the release of Season 4 was just phenomenal.

It has been critically appreciated for its super tensed plot and mostly got positive reviews from the critics. La Casa De Papel, the Spanish name of this drama, would be renewed for another season without any doubt. And various speculations are surfacing here and there on the internet about the upcoming seasons of Money Heist.

Here is everything you need to know about Season 5 of Money Heist.

When Season 5 Of Money Heist Would Come Out?

In the absence of any official updates, it is hard to tell about the release date of Season 5. Although, it is only a matter of time that the creators would renew Money Heist for another season. The storyline of this drama also demands a season to get explained. It is expected that Money Heist would keep its chronic habit of one year gap between two seasons. So, Season 5 of this thriller drama would release in 2021 if it will follow its pattern.

Can Coronavirus Pandemic Delay The Release Of Season 5?

Among those tons of speculations, this possibility of Season 5 being delayed is also floating. Many fans of Money Heist are curious that the current world’s condition in the wake of coronavirus pandemic might delay the release of Season 5.

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Their worrying speculation is valid as the filming of Money Heist demands to be filmed at various locations of different countries. So, of course, Coronavirus can delay the release of Money Heist’s Season 5. Although, these are just the speculations and nothing about the Season 5 of Money Heist has been announced yet.

Let’s wait for the official update and till then, stay tuned with The Buzz Paper.

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