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Money Heist Season 4 Netflix Release Might Be Postponed! Here’s Why!

Money Heist, the protagonist robbers. The Spanish show revolving around a crew of robbers who first robbed the Royal Mint Of Spain. They are now in the middle of robbing the bank of Spain. Up till now, we have 3 seasons of La Casa De Papel and the fourth one is on the way. However, the release date has been announced but rumours that it might be postponed.

What Is the Official Release Date Of the Fourth Season?

3rd April 2020 is the release date of the fourth season of Money Heist. It was officially announced by Netflix on 8th December 2019. Since then a trailer and a teaser have been released. Now we are just waiting for the fourth season to release. However, rumours around the net said that it could be postponed.

Could the Show Be Postponed?

First of all the rumour about the postponing of the release of the show does not have any authenticity to it. As far as I know, it can be a hoax. Moreover, no official announcement has been made in regard to this procrastination. Therefore, we are still relying on the date announced earlier.

The release date was being expected to postpone due to the widespread corona pandemic and the fact that the world is under lockdown. However, it can not affect the release of Money Heist as the filming of the show was already done and was now ready to be released.

What do we expect to see?

Well, anticipating the plot could be a bit confusing right now. There are a number of possibilities of what could happen. First of it is about Naomi, will she live or die. Next is about all we saw in the trailer. It confuses us more than it reveals. What are they talking about more than the heist? Well, all these questions will be answered in good time.

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