Money Heist Season 4: Will ‘La Casa De Papel’ It’s Release On Netflix?

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Money Heist Season 4:

Money Heist the Spanish show revolves around a group of thieves who previously looted Spain’s royal mint. Now they are trying to rob the bank of Spain. So far, we have 3 seasons of La Casa de Papel and the fourth is the way. However, the release date has been announced, but there are rumours that it may be postponed.

What is the scheduled release date for Money Heist Season 4?

April 3, 2020, is the release date for the fourth season of Money Heist. It was officially announced by Netflix on December 8, 2019. A trailer and a teaser have been released since then. Now we just wait for the fourth season to launch. However, rumours on the network say it could be postponed.

The rumour of postponing the launch of the program is not authentic at first. As far as I know, it may be a hoax. Furthermore, no official announcement has been made about this laxity. Therefore, we still trust the previously announced date.

The release date was expected to be postponed due to the widespread corona epidemic and the fact that the world is closed. However, this could not affect the release of Money Heist as the show had already been filmed and was now ready for release.

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Expected Plot:

Okay, guessing the plot can be a little confusing. First of all, it’s about Naomi, will she live or die? The next one we saw in the trailer. It confuses us more and more and it gets more and more confusing. Increasing heirs to what they’re doing? Well, all of these questions will be answered in due course.

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