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Money Heist: Season 5? Alvaro Morte Kicks Off Production

Alvaro announced his return to the set of Money Heist on social media Instagram account. The actor took to Instagram and shared a photo of the details of the stage monitoring, where Money Heist’s team will be seen very soon.

When seen with keen observation, production house’s name, the stage number and title of the show were written. While in its reflection Alvaro is seen with the authentic Professor glasses and a mask. Moreover, he himself confirmed the production kickoff as he captioned the picture with “I’m Back, The Professor Is Back.’

When we saw this picture, we got very excited and the fans of Money Heist, they became crazy. We are eagerly waiting for Season 5.

So guys go and quickly check the professor’s (Alvaro) Instagram account and show your happiness to everyone guys.

We saw Professor last time when suspended Inspector Alicia Sierra pointed a gun on his head. Now the cliffhanger ending has made fans speculate that Alicia is somehow involved with the gang in the heist of Bank of Spain. They also hypothesize that, like Raquel, Alicia might also join the other side of the group.

Another piece of good news for fans is that Netflix has officially renewed Money Heist for a fifth season.

Yes, I know you guys are very excited and saber, For the season five, I know you guys are in a hurry of season five. By the way, we are also very excited about season 5. But what can we do? You will have to wait for some time. Stay with us for season 5 and keep reading all our updates and Keep reading information and have fun.

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