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Money Heist : Season 5 And Season 6 Plans Revealed By Makers! The War Is On!

Money Heist, in Spanish named as La Casa De Papel, is a sensational in the web series arena. The Season 4 of this crime drama was released on 3rd of the April this year. The Season 4 was also startling like the previous three instalments of Money Heist. The craze for this thriller is so skyrocketing that not a week has passed and the speculations about the future of Money Heist are doing rounds on the internet.

Here are some of the updates which you should know about.

Is Money Heist Going To Renewed For Another Season?

The Season 4 of Money Heist was phenomenal and one of the best season of this web series so far. After the release of the Season 4, the creators have not made any updates regarding the future of Money Heist series. But, according to some reputed websites and leading Spanish newspapers, Money Heist is going to be renewed for another season. Few of them are even boasting that the production for Season 5 has already started. But neither the creators and nor the Netflix has officially announced anything regarding this till now.

Will There Be Season 6 After The Season 5?

At this moment any prediction about this would be highly fictitious. But for now, it can be concluded with some certainty that Netflix will surely renew the Money Heist for Season 5. It is only a matter of time until the official confirmation is made. And the future of this thriller would then depends upon the success of the Season 5. No production company would leave a commercial success Money Heist in oblivion.

How The Storyline Will Progress In Season 5?

In the previous season, the focus mostly revolves around a single character. But it is being predicted that in Season 5, there would be an engaging plot with various twists and turns.

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