Money Heist: Season 5 Delayed After Itziar Ituno’s Coronovirus Diagnosis


Money Heist Season 5’s releasing date can get postponed because of the coronavirus situation, looking at how the shoots are stopped and an actor was tested positive. Netflix has provided a lot of Spanish shows a huge platform to go worldwide and crack records all around the nation.

On Netflix Money Heist Season 4 newly premiered, and already a large number of fans have watched all the episodes from the recent season. As the season finished up with a cliffhanger, Now fans are curious to know somewhere when the next season will be publishing. Money Heist watchers were thrilled up to the last moments of season four this month. There might be a bad message coming for the fans of Money Heist, as the next season’s release might be hit because of coronavirus.

Netflix series will be coming back for two seasons season 5 and season 6. But, looking at the COVID-19 dilemma, there is a chance that the list of the episodes might take a hit. As per an article on a global news doorway, the next two seasons were organized to release back-to-back. Since the case of coronavirus, many shoots and show productions have come to a pause and hence this can come to be the reason for the postponement of Season 5’s release.

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Another important aspect of Money Heist Season 5’s late release is the fact that Itziar Ituño was tested positive for coronavirus. She is best known for her role in Spanish television series in the Money heist as Inspector Raquel Murillo. She plays the role of Raquel Murillo in the series.

The actor had posted a picture of herself on her Instagram and shared the news with her fans. She is the recent celebrity to have tested positive for the COVID-19, observing Hollywood actors. She shared about how she had the signs and was tested positive on March 18. She also advised her fans to not take it easy and that nobody knows how far it will go.


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