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Money Heist Season 5: Everyone Dies Except Tokyo!

Money Heist Season 5. The fifth season of Money Heist is not officially announced by Netflix yet, but the fans are expecting the return of the Heist gang.

The fourth season was released on Netflix in early April and after the ending, the fans all over the world have only questioned how the season will come to an end, also fans are wondering about Tokyo’s character (the character played by Úrsula Corberó) in the series.

Money Heist Season 5: Only Tokyo Will Survive?

In the first season of Money Heist, the character of Tokyo was held as the main role in the series. Her first appearance was in the first episode as she recruited into the new gang of the thieves of the Professor.

She had played a very important role in the Spanish drama. The fans are also well aware of the fact that she is the only one who narrated the whole season. From the very beginning of the series, Tokyo is the only one who introduced the characters and narrated the story to the viewers.

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The fans are also wondering that will Tokyo be the only one who will survive?

A fan page posted on a Twitter account that it could also be possible that the only gang member, Tokyo will remain alive and all other members will die, as what is the reason behind only her narrating the series?

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Money Heist
Source: Twitter

The fact made fans think all like that but there are also some fans who are not agreed that Tokyo will only survive.

There is also some fans theory over only Tokyo narrating. Some believe that some members of the gang are still with her or some already had left the gang, and some may be dead.

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