‘Money Heist: Season 5’ Potential Release Date Inside

Money Heist Season 5
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One of the superhit Spanish crime drama series, Money Heist is soon coming up with its fifth season on Netflix. It has been developed by Alex Pina and was first aired on 2nd May 2017, on Antenna 3. The series was supposed to drop in two parts and was supposed to be limited. But after the second season and a total of fifteen episodes, the show was picked up by Netflix in 2019 and renewed the series for the third season.

The series is one of the most popular and widely watched shows, that has acquired an average viewership of 60 million in a short period. It has also received numerous awards and has been nominated for many more, especially in the category of Outstanding Drama Series.

The plot follows the biggest money heist plan, initiated by the criminal mastermind The Professor, along with a group of eight people with unique abilities. They have nothing to lose and as time elapses they equip for a showdown with the police.

Is There A Release Date For Money Heist Season 5

Nothing has been revealed regarding the release date of the fifth season. The fifth and final season was renewed in July 2020. It is expected that it will be dropping sometime in the summer of 2021. Although it depends on the production process that is supposed to begin by November 2020 and wrap up by March 2021. Amidst the pandemic crisis, nothing can be assured about the release date, unless everything resumes back to normalcy.

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Some of the selected places where the filming is to take place in Madrid, the United Kingdom, Florence, Guna Yala, and Almeria. Due to the spread of COVID-19, some of the places have been struck off the list and new places have been included. We hope to get further updates soon and until then stay tuned!


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