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Money Heist: Season 5? Professor To Die? Wild Theories Inside

Money Heist Season 5
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Money Heist, the Spanish drama, has successfully procured the throne, for being one of the greatest hit shows in the world. It has kept itself focused right from its exotic beginning with season 1, and still capturing all the attention it’s viewers.

What all the turns do the show is going to have..?? Who will be out and who will be in?? So confusing right?? Well, don’t worry dear readers, we are here to get your confusion to get solved. Let’s quickly dig into the matter.

Is the professor going to die…??

For all the Money Heist beloved fans, I know you all must be highly excited to know what’s the matter behind the professor’s death, and does it going to take place…well here is the answer to that, remembering the scene where Nairobi is shot to death..?? Yes, we can figure out all the matters right from there. After she dies, she is shown lying on the green grass in a blood-red silk costume with a daisy in her mouth.

Although Nairobi dies in that particular scene, which is placed at the starting of season five, the Professor, Denver, and Helsinki was seen fine there. They were observed in a bit of nervous condition. It was also seen, the season ended up by considering, the Professor at a gunpoint, which clearly shows the death countdown for the Professor. Well, the show is going to have a big twist coming get prepared for it.

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Here is the list of crucial and spicy theories…let’s get into it

1. Umm… It might be considered as Tokio is a good writer and is versing in her book about the wildest heist in the entire history.

2. We know that Professor was a submissive child and after he had already lost his father, thus, he can be assumed suffering from mental trauma and took crazy decisions. Whatever is happening can be just an illusion.

3. We all had wished for Berlin’s life whether he is going to survive or lose his life. Well, he is not dead and completely fine. Well for doing all the scenes of fake death and all, according to me, it was all done so that he could live his last days of life on his counts.

4. The highly talented Professor completely defines the mysterious intentions and made this more than twice in the show. Still, we do not know what is going to be the crew’s escape plan and in the previous season Tatiana had quite lengthy scenes and she knew about the intentions. Thus, it cannot be considered wrong to assume that Professor has made an escape intention that includes Tatiana.

5. If Alicia kills Professor then there will the largest turn in the show. It can also be assumed an unknown inspector Alicia can be seen killing the professor as we know she has been seen keeping the gun on Professor’s head, anything can take place…keep yourself locked on your seat and prepared to get the most devastating scene of the show.

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