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Money Heist Season 5: What If Its All Professor’s Imagination? 5 Brutal And Wildest Theories For Fans

Money Heist. The fourth season of the show was mind-blowing and plan Paris was surely a piece of genius. The fans cannot wait to watch the fifth season.  Thought the show hasn’t been renewed officially for the fifth season but it is no secret that there is going to be one. However, we are here to discuss the wildest theories that fans have thought of.

5 Brutal and Wildest Theories.

We all might have thought of some scenarios that were wild in nature like what if it is all a dream or maybe it is all in Professor’s head. So let us take a look at that.

1. What if it is all a story being told by Tokio and nothing actually happened. It is possible that Tokio is a writer and is actually reading her book about the greatest heist in history. Sounds kinda wild, doesn’t it.

2. What if it is all happening in Professor’s mind. We know that Professor was a sickly child and after his father died, he might have had a mental shock and went crazy. Everything that’s going around him might be all nothing but a hallucination. Who knows.

3. What if Berlin is not dead. We all wanted to believe this at certain points in the show. Well, perhaps he is not dead after all. With such a brilliant mind it would certainly be not a tough job for Berlin to fake his own death. Although why would he do that? Perhaps because he wanted to change his life around in the last days of his life.

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4. What if Tatiana is a secret weapon for the crew to escape from the bank. Professor is full of secret strategies and he has proved himself more than once. We still do not know what is going to be the crew’s escape plan and in the previous season Tatiana had quite a long screen time and she also knew about the plan. So it wouldn’t be wrong to think that Professor has made an escape plan that includes Tatiana.

5. What if Alicia kills Professor. We have seen how unpredictable inspector Alicia can be. Now that she has a gun on Professor’s head, we do not know what might happen. She might even kill him and the show might end at this very point. That would be devastating.

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