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Money Heist: Season 5 Will Be The Final Season! Actor Drops Hints

Money Heist is a brilliantly thought series with an awesome plot along with remarkable acting on the screen. Four seasons or as some say four parts of the show have already been aired. The last season of the show ended on a cliffhanger and that too a deadly one. There is no doubt that there is going to be the fifth season. However, there are some doubts about the one after that. So is there going to be a sixth season or the fifth one is just the end of it?

Will the fifth season be the last season?

Well, nothing has been said officially. Alex Pina did say that someone knows there is going to be the fifth season but he doesn’t. In a way, it could mean that the fifth season has been confirmed. However, in no way did he say anything about the sixth season. So can it be because of the fifth season being the last?

A very interesting theory came up suggesting that the fifth season could actually be the last season. The first heist was about 22 episodes long. It was divided into 2 seasons or parts. The second heist could also be about the same length as the first one. In a span of two seasons or parts, the second heist has covered about 16 episodes and the fifth season could sum up to 24 episodes. Considering they stick with their 8 episode length. Hence ending the heist is just the same duration.

Moreover, the writers wouldn’t have much left to make the next heist. As the second season was only made on the specific demand of Netflix, planning another heist would not make much sense. The fifth season is pointing toward a successful escape from the bank of Spain with a few casualties, so there wouldn’t be enough central characters to execute another plan. Neither would there be a strong reason to.

However, Alex Pina did give indications of possible spin-offs. He has said that several characters in the show have complex stories that can be told over layers. Perhaps we will have spin-off after the fifth season.

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