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Money Heist: The Finale Season 5 To Release In(Spoiler!)Deets Inside

Money Heist Season 5
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Money Heist Season 4 ended on a cliffhanger, leaving us with many unanswered questions. Although fans are assured that there will be season 5 here are some updates on the renewal and release date.

Renewal of MONEY HEIST Season 5

Although the renewal hasn’t been confirmed, money heist is very likely to have season 5 and maybe a season 6 too! Shooting for season 5 and 6 will be done back to back just like it was done for season 3 and 4. Because of the current situation, we don’t see the production industry opening soon. But rest assured there will surely be a season 5 and we might here about its renewal by the end of 2020.

Release date of MONEY HEIST Season 5

Just like the renewal updates the release of season 5 is quite uncertain. If the pandemic situation cools down we would surely see some episodes in late 2021. The series will be filmed in Portugal, Spain, and Denmark. We can speculate that the storyline will involve many flashbacks. Although the show will have 10 episodes just like always there might be chances that the running time of the shows will be increased.

A recap guide of MONEY HEIST

In case you are new to this series, let me help you. The series is a Spanish crime drama created by Alex Pina. Set in Madrid the gang of eight robbers controlled by Sergio Marquina or best known as the professor. They together plan a Money heist at the royal mint of Spain escaping with €2.4 billion.

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By the end of season 4, the assault on the bank is not yet completed. Currently, the professor is focusing on getting Lisbon out of the prison and he is successful in that. Meanwhile, someone unexpected arrives at Inspector Alice Sierra. She might have a lot to say in the upcoming season!

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