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Money Heist: When Will Season 5 Release On Netflix? What’s The Plot?

Will Sierra execute the Professor? And how will other heist members depart? Why would the professor send Lisbon aka Raquel Murillo to the “Bank of Spain” even if he could’ve beckon her to his control centre?  We’re left with many cliffhangers. So the next instalment is going to happen!l other heist members depart?

The series is technically going to return as it is ranked #2 in the UK and watched all over the world. Fans are going kooky and just can’t stay calm to wait for next season.

So what can be the expected dates for next season?

A gap of around nine-months was there between the third and recent fourth season which you must’ve binged watched already! Same can we expect from next, which is the fifth season to premiere around the end of the year.  But here the bad news comes knocking that Netflix has put all the production and shootings on halt because of the outbreak of this pandemic globally. So the most probable renewal date will be by the end of this year and the fifth season will be landing on our screen by early 2021.

Money Heist Season 5: Expected Plot?

 Be Aware: I might give you some * SPOILERS*

  • So the next season will revolve around Heist being escaping from the Bank, but “How” is still uncertain! We know by melting Gold though.
  • What will Sierra do with the professor?

She will shoot him to death or take him directly to the police, on the other hand, there are minor chances of Sierra collaborating with the professor as police have issued an arrest warrant against her, which was the main suspense for next season and the highlight of the finale too. 

  • Though Nairobi’s death (& the funeral of course) was the most shocking yet emotional scene (even I shed some tears) of the series. There are possibilities of Palmero being allegedly blamed for Nairobi’s death as he helped Gandia by giving him an idea to release himself from hand-cuffs( though he admitted in the finale of being such a beast and apologized to Helsinki for treating him like shit and doing “Boom Boom Ciao.” 
  • If Alicia Sierra goes down, she will take Antonianzas with her too as he betrayed the police by leaking information to the professor! There are many more plots leading to other more suspense, even the local people of Spain, by aiding the heist and professor, played a major role in making the robberies fruitful. Apart from all this, no matter what fate the heist has,  we all are very well aware that the professor’s students are some heroic figures in the public’s eye( & who cares about Law, right?). 
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