Mother’s Last Hope To Be Alive, Her Only Cell Donor Son Brutally Battered To Death By Ex-Boyfriend

Source-CBS News

Mother request for a stem cell donor to cure her cancer after the death of her son, who could be a match

A mother is requesting a stem cell donor to treat her for cancer, after her child dies, which was probably just a match.

Tania Morris, 49, was betrayed by ex-boyfriend Robert Goodwin in a fast-food fight last year.

The demon went to stab his 19-year-old son, Nathan Bates, while he was released on bail for committing suicide.

In the last twist of terror, Tania now fears that she may suffer Hodgkin’s Lymphoma shortly after Christmas. She can die according to the diagnosis.

Tania’s rare tissue type means none in the entire global registry that provides a match.

The Burslem pottery worker said: “It’s heartbreaking. Doctors keep saying that we need a healthy and fit 19-year-old man, and it breaks my heart that Nathan is dead. “Dad only has half a game. It is too bad to move alone, but if he becomes life or death, he can take the last resort. They are worried that he will kill him and me.

“Only my last option will be to kill myself as their’s no other option.” “My mother didn’t even get tested because she had a cardiac bypass.”We hope someone shows up. This is my only chance to win.”

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Goodwin had to appear in court the day after Nathan’s murder to face an attack on Tania, but he will no longer face justice for any of the crimes. Since her diagnosis in January, Tania has gone through several rounds of chemotherapy, but it is now reported that the treatment has not worked.

She tells any young donor to come forward that she thinks he can only shoot him while he is alive.

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