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Mulan On Disney+ In December For Free, Officials Report

Source: Variety

Amid this very locked down, more or less we get bored even by performing our normal schedule. What if I say you are going to get Mulan Film without paying a dollar…ha? Did you get surprised right? Indeed Yes. We were also amazed when Disney Plus officially confirmed these lines. So let’s quickly open this matter.


For a long time, everyone is waiting for the much-anticipated film, Mulan and the great news is, the film is going to release tomorrow, September 4, 2020, on Disney Plus.


If we look over the normal schedule of Disney, it never gave a green signal to its any shows or movies before it got launched at the big movie theaters. Only after completing four to five months launch, the shows and the films were allowed to stream over Disney.

The reason is clear that the streaming service always wanted to count its profit. But as of now everything looks changed. Disney has allowed Mulan even without its Release at big screens like movie theaters and all. According to the sources, the company of film, Mulan and Disney Plus has dedicated the film to all it’s spectators without even thinking of its profits.

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Indeed, the streaming platform of Mulan is Disney Plus. According to the company, as the Mulan is officially declared to release on 4th September 2020, so for watching the first sight of film, you need to pay $30 for watching Mulan. Also, as the film is completely dedicated to its fans, therefore anyone who wishes to see the film without paying a single coin, needs to wait till December.

Yes, on December 4, 2020, you are allowed to have free access for the film, Mulan. Although the wait is longer, you will be saved from spending such an amount. So the decision lies in your hand. Good Luck!

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