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Mulan: Release Date Pushed Again! Deets Inside

Source: Variety

Mulan, Disney’s decision to digitally release its first big-budget movie. It certainly is a big step for Disney as it might bring new changes as to how people get their first-day first show experiences. Earlier, Mulan was set to release on the 27th of March this year. However, due to some obvious reasons, they had to cancel the release to an indefinite date. Well, that indefinite date has now got a definition.

When will Mulan release?

September 4th, mark your calendars. Mulan will release on the online streaming platform, Disney+. Well, you might think that it would be a loss decision for Disney to give the movie to all its subscribers. However, Disney has come up with a solution to that. Earlier like the movie earned through tickets sold, it will follow a similar concept.

Now, it will be available to the subscribers to buy the movie at the rate of 30$ in the US. However, it won’t be something like a rental service, instead, the viewers will have the movie till they have their subscription. It is somewhat a new technique in the movie business and like everyone else, Disney is also keen to know the results of this experiment.

What does this mean in regard to other held up movies?

Well, right now Disney’s CEO Bob has said that it is a one-time deal and they haven’t planned on releasing other movies in a similar way yet. So, we can hope for Black Widow to release in theatres in November. Of course, expecting the pandemic to be under control by then. However, if this experiment of Disney’s works quite well then we might have several movies to watch with the luxury of home snacks and comfort of our living room tv. We might get to see several other streaming services following a similar pattern too.

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