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‘My Brilliant Friend: Season 3’ Release Date? Cast And Spoilers Revealed

My Brilliant Friend is a coming of age drama which has been in existence since 2018. It is based on a book series written by Elena Ferrante. Season 2 of My Brilliant Friend was internationally started premiering in March this year and ended in May. It was very well received by the critics and the fans also liked Season 2 because of its narrative technique. The Season 2 was still halfway premiered when the creators had renewed My Brilliant Friend for Season 3.

Here is everything you need to know about Season 3 of My Brilliant Friend.

When Season 3 Of My Brilliant Friend Is Going To Release?

It has been only two weeks since the creators have renewed the drama for another season. Moreover, this is an Italian drama. So in the wake of chaos created by a coronavirus in Italy, it is obvious to expect that the filming would not have started for the Season 3 yet.

At this moment, it is hard to predict about the exact release date of The Brilliant Friend’s Season 3 but it would not come out before 2021.

Who Would Be In The Cast Of Season 3?

The role of most of the characters is played by more than one actors and actress in every season as the story covers different periods. So it is obvious that in Season 3, there would be many new faces and some familiar faces would not be there. Like the actress, Gaia Grace who has played the role of Rafaella Cerullo, protagonist’s best friend, would be in only 3 episodes of Season 3.

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What Would Be The Storyline Of Season 3?

We all know that The Brilliant Friend is an adaptation of a book series. So, of course, the story would continue to progress from the ending of Season 2 and this upcoming season would portray the story of the book ‘Those Who Leave And Those Who Stay’.

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