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My Hero Academia: When Will Season 5 Arrive?

My Hero Academia Season 5
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My Hero Academia, If you are the slightest of a fan of anime’s then you must have heard about this one. In fact, you wouldn’t be reading this article right now if you weren’t a fan. As you might know, right now we are waiting for the fifth season of this anime, which was announced in the final episode of the fourth season. It was also mentioned in the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine 18th issue in April 2020. So, now the question is when will it release?

When will the fifth season release?

As of now, there is no official release date attached to the fifth season. Amid coronavirus and halted productions around the world, showrunners and other officials have remained silent on revealing anything about the release. It makes sense though as they would not want to give hope for something that they might not be able to fulfill in time.

However, it has been revealed by an unknown but trusted source that the fifth season will not be done at least until Spring 2021. Therefore it brings us to a release date around mid-2021. Perhaps you might get to watch the fifth season in your summer break. We are not confirming anything the conjecture is based on previous seasons’ trends.

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What might happen in the next season?

It is known that the upcoming season will derive the plot from the manga as usual. So, the story might lead to the joint training arc. Hence, then move towards the events of the movie ‘My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising’. In between it might also cover the liberation army arc and hence introduce the audience with the backstory of Tomura. Tomura Shigaraki is the main villain of the anime. However, if you want to jump deeper into the plot then you can follow the manga series, available in English as well.

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