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Netflix’s Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina: 4 Questions Season 3 Has To Answer!

It is previously confirmed by Netflix, that the thrilling teen-drama ‘Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina’ is returning for Season 3 and Season 4 respectively. Season 2 of the ‘chilling drama’ ended with a huge hook for his followers. At the end of it, the Dark Lord is locked inside Nick’s body and he is taken by Lilith to hell while he was unconscious. Suddenly, Sabrina meets her other friends and tells them that they have to go get her boyfriend back.

However, there are also some questions that the series left unfinished and could be the main theme of the following episodes. Here are some that have perplexed more than one Sabrina fan:

#1 How will Sabrina and her friends save Nick?

“Let’s go to hell to bring my crush back” are the exact words Sabrina used at the end of the second season. In the first instance, this sounds like a plan, but the truth is that it is not known how they will do this exactly. Lucifer is trapped inside Nick’s body and any attempt at separation could mean the end of days again.

#2 Lilith an enemy or an ally in Season 3?

After discovering that Miss Wardwell was actually Lilith, she and Sabrina joined forces to be able to defeat Lucifer and so it was that Lilith got the crown she so longed for. As a new ‘Queen of the Underworld’, it will be interesting to see what her role will be in Sabrina’s plans to recover Nick’s soul.

#3 Where did Father Blackwood go?

While Father Blackwood was never a trusted person, his revenge against the Spellmans reached a new level when he tried to assassinate the entire convent before escaping at night. Most likely, for season 3 the priest manages to rise again to end his revenge, if Prudence and Ambrose did not kill him before.

#4 Who killed Sabrina’s parents?

While it is true that the Dark Lord had something to do with the birth of the hybrid between a witch and human that is Sabrina, it is not known at the moment if it was he himself who caused the death of his parents or if someone like Father Blackwood took them To a fatal end. What is certain is that there is possibly more than just a plane crash.

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