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Netflix’s Kingdom: When Will Season 3 Premiere In Philippines?

Almost everyone might know and also agree to this that Korean drama and Korean movies and shows are doing very much good worldwide. Korean drama has gain so much Hype and love and affection since the last few years that there is no doubt the shows are one of the best shows in the world. And among those great shows is the kingdom. This show is entirely on the political drama which revolves around the story of a zombie attack and a hero who’s trying to save the world. The writer of this amazing show is Kim Eun-Hee.

The show already had two seasons which fans really loved. So when is the new season that is Season 3 of this amazing drama going to come? What are the updates regarding the show? Here have everything that a fan should know about the new season that is season 3. So go on and read below for more information

What is the release date of the upcoming season of the Kingdom? [RELEASE DATE?]

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The first season of this Korean drama Kingdom was released in 2019 and the second season was released in 2020 in March. Since then only fans are really excited and are chaotic to know about season 3 and what is going to happen in season 3? So when is season 3 actually gonna release?

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If we look at History of release dates then it is clear that there is at least one year of the gap between each season. So it is expected that season 3 might be dropping around 2021 and in any month. Well there isn’t any official announcement on notice for any news from Netflix or from the creators of the show yet but there will be soon.

Who all-stars will be seen in the upcoming Season 3 of the Kingdom [CAST UPDATE]

It looks like almost all the previous stars are returning for the upcoming season as the story will continue from where it dropped in last season. The list of the names of the stars will be seen in the upcoming season is down below-

• Ju Ji-hoon
• Ryu Seung
• Bae Doona
• Kim Sang-ho
• Kim Sang-kyu
• Jeon Seok

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That is all that we have for you right now on the topic but we will update you with more information real soon.

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