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Netflix’s Lucifer: Season 5 Will Be The Last! No Season 6 For Fans

Lucifer was the show of Fox entertainment it was doing fine and it had a certain amount of fans. But then Fox entertainment drop the show and the creators of the Lucifer were worried about the show.

The show had three Seasons released already and then Netflix took the show and premiered its fourth season with all the previous three seasons. Since then Lucifer has created hype amongst the audience. Lucifer has got a huge fan base and is trending on number 1. Fans love this show.

This show has got a lot of affection from the audience.

The good news for the fans of Lucifer is that the show is returning with a new season apparently that is season 5. And it’s likely that there might be chances for a season 6 as well. But according to some of our sources, the news is that the core showrunners Ildy Modrovich and Joe Handerson cancelled all new upcoming deals with the streamer.

When will France get to see the new season that is season 5 of Lucifer? [RELEASE DATE]

We are sad to inform you that right now there isn’t any official announcement or any Notice from the creators of the show or Netflix regarding the confirmed release date of the show. It is expected that anytime in 2020 the new season of Lucifer will be released. But don’t worry there will be a prior notice or announcement before the release. The delay in the release of the new season is because of nothing else but coronavirus pandemic that we are in right now. We will keep you updated with more information.

Is season 5 of Lucifer the last season or will there be a season 6?

There was news everywhere that there will be a season 6 of Lucifer. But now according to some of our sources, the showrunners have dropped all the new upcoming deals with the streamer. It was decided that the season 5 will be split into two halves the first half will be released as season 5 and the second half will be released after sometime as season 6. We are not sure about it since season 5 isn’t released yet we can’t say anything about season 6. And season 5 isn’t any near yet due to coronavirus.

Who all will be seen in the new season of Lucifer as new cast? [CAST UPDATE]

The list of the names of the stars who will be seen in the new season of Lucifer that is season 5 is below-

Tom Ellison, Lauren German, Dennis Haysbert, Kevin Alejandro

That’s all for now that we have on this topic but we will update you with more information soon.

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