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Netflix’s Lucifer: Tom Ellis Confirms Exit! Ian Somerhalder To Play Devil

Source: Daily Express

Lucifer is an urban fantasy drama. It is an adaptation of a character, created by the famous writer Neil Gaiman, of the DC Comics. The story of Lucifer is about a casted out angel named Lucifer Morningstar and his involvement in a murder in this modern world. This web series is developed by Tom Kapinos.

So far, we have got four seasons of this urban fantasy drama. Lucifer has been appreciated by the critical and got mostly positive reviews. It has managed to maintain constant viewership in millions throughout all the seasons. In short, Lucifer is one of the best urban fantasy web series of Netflix.

Recently, a piece of news surprised the fans of this show. Although it was not a piece of news but a social media hype precisely. Anyhow it was about the leading cast of Lucifer, Tom Ellis, that for the upcoming season he would be replaced by another actor. Here we will analyze the facts and speculations that have started surfacing on the internet about the rumored exit of Tom Ellis.

Has Tom Ellis Exit The Show? Who Will Replace Him?

Although most of the rumors are an exaggerated version of some facts, even the slightest of facts, the speculations about Tom Ellis leaving the cast of Lucifer is not based on any fact.

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The rumored news even went on to announce the name of the actor who would replace Tom Ellis in Lucifer. It was being said by the netizens that the main actor of The Vampire Diaries, Ian Somerhalder would replace him.

One of the creators of Lucifer has recently tweeted a long laugh while answering to the speculation. It clearly shows that there is no weight and truth in these speculations. This is just a frustrated attempt by the fans to push the creators to update something about the upcoming season of Lucifer.

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