Netflix’s Ozark Season 3: 5 Fan Theories That Make The Upcoming Season More Exciting

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Ozark, one of the favorite fan series on Netflix, is coming with the third season. Jason Bateman confirmed it a while ago. It is expected to be aired in the starting summer of 2020. In his statement, Bateman said that things do not seem right for Marty Byrde. Let us see what can happen in Season three.

Exciting Fan Theories on Ozark Season 3

1. Ruth might make her return in season 3:

 Although Ruth isn’t one of the lead characters in the series, she can have a significant part to play in season 3. She had a rough start with Marty, but at the end of season 2, she had become one of his loyal employees. Given that she wanted her hands on Byrde’s money from the very beginning, she can betray Marty, and it even has a higher probability after her father’s death.

2. Wendy might kill Darlene Snell: 

In season 2, Darlene killed her husband with some cyanide and took over his heroine business. To calm her, Wendy and Marty handed Zeke to her. We already know that Wendy had vowed to get Zeke back, and Darlene also threatens their newly owned casino. Thus, Wendy killing Darlene wouldn’t come with much of a surprise.

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3. Jonah might continue aiding Wendy behind Marty’s back: 

Differences were growing between Wendy and Marty. Wendy calling all the shots showed the characters moving in opposite directions. Marty was willing to escape the cartel, but Wendy thinks differently. Moreover, she also assassinated Cade in which her daughter Jonah helped her. In season 3, we can expect Jonah is continuing to aid her mother behind her father’s back.

4. Marty might get his hands dirtier: 

Along the seasons, we have seen Marty doing almost anything to keep himself and his family alive. In the next season too, we can expect him going full breaking bad and diving into darker regions to protect his family.

5. Marty and Wendy might get a divorce: 

There’s been tension in their relationship for a long time now. The shift in power, too, has made Marty furious on Wendy. It wouldn’t be wrong to expect this crack is breaking up the marriage. Moreover, Wendy is spending more time with Charles Wilkes, and the ongoing affair of Marty and Rachel can also be not overlooked. This, too, can add up in the cause.

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