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Netflix’s Ozark Season 4: Release Date Rumors Busted!

Ozark recently made its way for season three on Netflix and fans have been going gaga about what the season four will look like, and we are sure they won’t be disappointed.

Ozark is a dark crime drama series, having the perfect blend of the three genres it has become even more exciting for its fans. Ozark revolves around a financial advisor named Marty Byrde who is suddenly forced into making life-altering decisions and is bound to move to Missouri in the region of the lake of Ozark along with his family when a money-laundering job goes wrong.

To save his family, he ends up getting his hands dirty in some lousy deed, so the question remains, how will Marty get out of this mess? and what does season 4 holds for Marty and his family?

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Ozark Season 4: Expected Release Date

Given that season three of Ozark was released on 27th March 2020, we are not expecting a release date anytime soon, as we know that Netflix takes about a month or two for a new season to settle in before they renew. Still, due to the situation going worldwide, we do not think Netflix will make any further updates.

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As we do not have any official news about the renewal of the show, it is safe to say that season four won’t be seeing the day until mid of 2021.

However, looking at the previous patterns of the release dates, the first season was released in June 2017 followed by the second season in August 2018 and the most recent season three released in March 2020. So based on these trends, a mid or late 2021 release sounds about right.

Fans are already excited to hear more updates on season four to know more updates in future, keep reading!

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