NetGear Nighthawk Mesh Wifi 6 System Review

Are you still struggling with a slow connection? Well, with the new mesh wifi 6 system, you are certainly covered. 

Bid goodbye to lagging internet connections when tons of devices are connected to your wifi system. The NetGear nighthawk mesh wifi 6 system will provide for a fast internet connection even if multiple devices are connected to the wifi system. 

According to NetGear, this mesh wifi 6 system is capable of reaching 3000 square ft in your home, which makes it reliable to work in every location in your home. 

An exciting aspect of the NetGear nighthawk mesh wifi 6 system is that it is affordable. 

We have penned down a detailed review to show you the features and amazing performances that the NetGear nighthawk mesh wifi 6 system can carry out. 

Are you ready? Let’s go on a roll! 

What you need to know about the Netgear nighthawk mesh wifi 6 system 

The NetGear nighthawk mesh wifi system is new in town, and a lot of people are craving for it due to its low price. 

Meanwhile, we have some of the major things to know that make this mesh Wifi system unique and different from others. 

  1. Guest Wifi network: With the NetGear, nighthawk mesh Wifi 6 system, you can now offer internet connection to your family members and friends. 

Also, you can do this without having to give them your personal network password. This is one important characteristic that ensures safety while sharing your internet connection with someone else. 

2. It has wired Ethernet ports: It has two Ethernet ports where you can insert wires of your computer games and so on. Some mesh wifi systems only provide for a single Ethernet port, but the NetGear nighthawk mesh wifi system provides for double Ethernet ports. 

3. It has the latest technology: This mesh wifi 6 system is embedded and made with the latest set of technological equipment and tools. In addition to its wifi 6 system, it is also made with MU-MIMO smart connect. 

4. It can work with all internet providers: The NetGear nighthawk mesh wifi 6 system is able to work with all internet providers like cable satellite fibre DSL. This makes it exceptional because it does not select who they want to work with.  

5. EasyMesh inclusion: Netgear in their new system have included the EasyMesh feature. This new development came as a surprise to thousands of people. This inclusion will mean that it can work with more EasyMesh devices. 

6. The app is easy to use and set up: Netgear has an application that you have to use to set up your device and enjoy the full features of the system. 

The app is easy to use, and without much difficulty, you can set up your device in a few minutes. Other features your nighthawk app can handle include internet pausing, internet speed test, and much more. 

How to set up Netgear nighthawk Mesh Wifi 6 system 

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Here, we will show you the steps to set up the Netgear nighthawk Mesh Wifi 6. However, you can do this on your Smartphone with the use of the Nighthawk application. 

The steps include: 

STEP 1: Take away all the necessary devices. These devices include an internet cable, MX 60 satellite, MR 60 router, and two power adapters which you need for your satellite and router, an active internet plan 

STEP 2: Download the Nighthawk application on your Android or iOS device and launch it.

STEP 3: Click on trouble connecting and proceed to attempt a new system set up 

STEP 4: Click on the Nighthawk mesh system and activate your camera to begin scanning, and then click Ok. 

STEP 5: Place your camera to capture the QR code on your MR 60 router. However, if your camera fails to scan the QR code, click to activate it manually. Adhere to the on-screen instructions to switch off and on your internet modem. 

STEP 6: After the rebooting, insert the internet cable into your MR 60 Ethernet port. The second internet cable should be inserted into the internet modem. 

STEP 7: The power adapter should then be plugged into your MR 60 router and proceed to connect the router to a power outlet. 

STEP 8: Tap next in the nighthawk app and wait till your satellite LED shows white. 

STEP 9: Click join when the nighthawk apps show that nighthawk wants to join the Wifi network

STEP 10: Your router will then be connected to your Wifi network. After connection, it will search for an activated satellite. Then your router and satellite will sync.

STEP 11: On the nighthawk app, use your existing Wifi network or create a new one. Then create your Admin login and then click join to connect. 

Your nighthawk mobile app should then be connected to your NetGear nighthawk Mesh wifi 6 system. 

Features of the NetGear nighthawk Mesh wifi 6 system

  1. Trusted coverage: The Wifi system, when connected, is able to connect to every part of your home, while you enjoy a fast internet connection. At this point, there is no need to worry about a failed Wifi network when browsing. 
  2. New Wifi 6: The NetGear nighthawk mesh wifi system has the latest Wifi 6 system that guarantees a faster and trusted connection. It is capable of providing a fast internet connection to more than 25 devices. The latest Wifi 6 will also make your streaming and online gaming very stable. 
  3. It works with former Wifi devices: Even if you have a device that does not support Wifi 6, this mesh system will accommodate it. 
  4. Fast-Paced Wifi system: The NetGear nighthawk mesh Wifi 6 system has a joint speed that rises to 1.8Gbps. Your online gaming and 4K streaming will never stop or buff as long as you have an active internet connection 
  5. It can be expanded: You have the option to add extra satellites to increase the coverage and cover more spaces in your home. Also, this Wifi system allows for Wifi EasyMesh, which is dependable and compact. 


  • It has a brilliant and amazing design 
  • It has a very high speed 
  • It supports the Wifi 6 
  • One of the best among Wifi 6 devices 
  • It does not have a large housing 
  • It has a WPA-3 security system 
  • It supports Wifi EasyMesh


  • There is no inclusion of multi-gig WAN port
  • It has just a single LAN port 
  • Its performance is not all that good 
  • Some characteristics of notes in the nighthawk app

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Final Verdict 

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In conclusion, you can cover dead zone networks in your home with the NetGear nighthawk wifi 6. 

Wifi 6 is an upcoming prospect in the internet world, and you should not be worried about having a fast internet service in your home anymore with this technology. 

This device is a must-have if you work from home and heavy internet users.

Through the high-power satellite system provided, you are sure to get covered with a very fast network. 

Finally, with this detailed understanding how the NetGear nighthawk wifi 6 works shouldn’t be a challenge anymore.

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