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New Jersey: People Report UFO Sightings, Lets Dig Into The Truth

New Jersey UFO Sightings
Source: Happy Mag

Space aliens love New Jersey more than you can imagine. Read the full article to know about what people have to say regarding UFO sightings in New Jersey.

A triangular machine flying over the garden state parkway? Growing craft, green in color, flying over a high school?

Unfamiliar light in Ocean City?

New Jersey is not famous for being a “UFO” hotspot. But reports from the National UFO Reporting Centre (NUFORC) might change your mind. 183 times people have reported about a strange object flying over New Jersey. Most of the reports came from Colts and Morristown. Some other stories were from Brick, Point Pleasant Boro, Long valley, and Toms River.

Was That Really An UFO?

The most recent report regarding UFO sightings came from Gloucester City when the observer noticed a familiar red light. According to NUFORC, she was not able to elaborate more about the incident.

One person in point pleasant Boro on August 10 said, ” Noticed two stationary T-shaped objects…. vertical, lighted up…had purple and one had white lights.

On September 15, 2019, another person in brick reported, ” Star-like but much bigger moving back-and-forth fading in-and-out. Not a star. ”

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These sightings grab the attention of a national UFO reporting center that has been working on UFO sightings since 1974. The group, which was guided by the police department of New Jersey, disclosed a list of more than 90000 UFO sighting reports.

According to the National UFO reporting center (NUFORC) statement, UFO sightings are no longer a strange thing in New Jersey.

Recently Navy pilots have also reported seeing a strange object flying in the sky, with no engine or exhaust. It was flying at an incredible speed.

According to the National UFO reporting center, in 2020, there have been more than 65 reports related to UFO sightings in New Jersey.