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No Game No Life Season 2, Sneak Peek Into The Story And Release Date

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The first season of the series contains 12 episodes which were released between June 2014 to April 2014. The creators of the show are Atsuko Ishizuka and Jukki Hanada. The season got an immediate positive response from the viewers and it was an instant hit.

Release Date Of Season 2: No Game No Life

The show is totally based on novels that have like around 10 volumes. This means that a lack of content or story will not keep the show to get another season. Even the first season was based on some volumes but there are rumors regarding delay of next seasons’ routine. The studios of Anime are occupied with some other shows, we cannot get another season by 2021 or 2022. It is sad & we know that!

Plot Details Regarding No Game No Life Season 2

The whole show is totally based on Shiro and Sora who are step-siblings and a legitimate player or we can call them Pro of the gambling World. They are often known with a name as Blank. But the ultimate goal of their life is to conquer and achieve the success over 16 species by challenging them into a Chess Game.

They are the undefeated siblings of online games. So when they win a particular match and that victory leads them into another world. The world works and decides everything in the same way game does. So they start to defeat everyone and lead into the journey of conquering the world of games by becoming the god of games. So this is all we know by now and really looking forward to hearing something from the show.

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