Now You See Me 3: Woody Harrelson Might Not Return! Here’s Why?


Now You See Me. The triller magician movie has officially been renewed for the third run. The first movie earned about 385 million dollars, it is something that inspires the production house to make a sequel of it, so they did. In 2016 the franchise returned with a sequel which earned slightly less than the original one. However, it is now going for the third one. Although it is said that the third movie was already in works been before the second one was released.

The next movie is rumoured to be a prequel to the Now You See Me movies. In the last one, we saw Mark Ruffalo becoming the leader of a secret organisation of magicians call the eye. Therefore, a prequel is in-fact, greatly due. However, a prequel means some new character, so let us see if the original cast would return.

Will The Original cast return?

If it is indeed a prequel then I guess it will be more focused on the secret organisation called the eye. Therefore, looking for Woody Harrelson and other of the original cast would be pointless. Therefore, they are expected not to return.

However, Jesse Eisenberg is excited about Now You See Me 3 so it suggests that he might be in it. Then it breaks our theory of there being a prequel. Moreover, there were rumours that Benedict Cumberbatch would be joining the cast as the new villain. However, there has been no confirmation on that and his contract with MCU and other non-MCU films doesn’t leave him with space in his schedule.

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A new screenplay writer has been appointed, one who was nominated for the Oscars, Eric Warren Singer. As the movie is still in early stages so, we do not think it has been decided yet whether the original cast would return or not.


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