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On My Block Season 4: Release Date? 5 Spoilers Every Fan Should Know

On My Block. The abrupt ending of the third season has put fans in a dilemma. This teen comedy-drama series presents a unique plot that represents some of the underrepresented segments of society. However, it is a piece of fiction, the show beautifully displays the value of friendship. Now that we have gotten the third season, we would love to get updates on the fourth season.

When Will The Fourth Season Of On My Block Release?

The ending of the third season made us think that it was the end. However, the show’s ratings and viewing figures tell a different story. So it has the possibility of renewal As Netflix generally renews a show only after a month or two once it is released. So, we are hoping to get an official confirmation about the fourth season in a couple of months.

Given the trends, the show always takes up a March release date. We can say that it is trying to create a kind of a tradition of the show. Thus, if the coronavirus pandemic is cleared out and the world gets back to normal soon, we can expect a March release next year too.

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Here are some plot ideas that I think might happen.

Usually, each of the seasons of the show ended on a problem. For instance one of them speculated to be dead or the four of them being kidnapped. However, this time it is more like a realistic ending, which seems like an end. However, it sure has left us with several questions.

The next season could explain the time gap. It might work to fill the time gap of two years that was shown at the end of the third season.

Next, in the scene after the time gap, Kendra was nowhere to be seen. So what happened to her and what happened after the text that Cesar was sending to Kendra.

So is it trying to tell us what happens in real life? Has it already given the final ending to the show?

The next season could take us in a journey of the reunion of the friends. As they promised to each other that they would still be friends, and the distance doesn’t matter. So that also is a possibility.

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