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One Punch Man: 3 Boomers We Are Not Able To Understand Till The Date

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One Punch Man, the awesome anime series whose third season is highly anticipated. With the final episode building up to a potential war between the Hero organization and the Monsters organization, we cannot wait to watch what happens next. However, we might have to wait for quite along. The first two seasons also had a large gap between them.

Well, what I want to discuss today is about the error that we still don’t understand. Although One Punch Man is not much of a complex show, it sure does have some twisting theories attached to it.

What are the three Boomers that we don’t understand?

First of all, I don’t know if you noticed it but the second season’s animation looked a little off. It just did not have that essence like the first season. The camera angles were all messy and less descriptive, the appearance of Genos was less authentic and more.

I think it was because the animation studio in the first season was Mad House and in the second season was J.C Staff. Moreover, the second season did not have its original director Shingo Natsume.

The second thing that we don’t truly understand even after 2 seasons of the show is, How is Saitama so powerful? C’mon he cannot be serious when was that he got it by practicing his intense exercise regime. I don’t know but I have a feeling that Saitama did something stupid like drank some kind of radioactive drink accidentally and gained that superpower.

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The last thing that I don’t understand is that in the episode where that sea king attacked. Why did Saitama not run there with his super-speed? We know that Saitama is super fast. In an episode in the second season, we saw him doing some speedy things like the one where he creates his replicas in front of that ninja. He could have easily run to fight that sea king instead of going there on the back of a bicycle.

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