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One Punch Man: Season 3? Do We Have A Release Date?

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One Punch Man is a Japanese superhero, action, comedy series. The series is written by ONE. The first season of this series is crafted by Shingo Natsume and the second season is crafted by Chikara Sakurai.


Season one of One Punch Man released on 5th October 2015 in Japan and it continued till 21 December 2015. The second season of this series released in 2019. The third season of One Punch Man is not officially renewed by Netflix yet, but we can assume that it will happen soon.

The delay is because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic that has affected the shooting activities.


The first season of One Punch Man came in 2015 and the second season released on 9th April 2019. There is a four-year gap between the first and season. so, it is not easy to tell about the release date of season third of One Punch Man.

If there will be the third season of One Punch Man then we have to wait till the end of 2021. Till then watch the previous season and hope that Netflix will announce the renewal soon.


The story of One-Punch Man is about a boy whose name is Saitama who has the superpower of demolishing anyone with just a Punch.

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Although, now that boy is bored because no other man is in his area who is worth fighting with. The series is perfect for everyone, all age group people can watch this series. The viewers will love the series when they watch it because the story is very exciting and it has good Comedy content, which keeps the viewers entertained throughout the series.

In season 3 we might see ongoing manga series of One Punch Man, one of Saitama’s past enemy speed-o-Sound Sonic, is returning for a huge battle.

There are so many characters who play the heroic and villainous characters. They are loved by the viewers.

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