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One Punch Man Season 3? Netflix Potential Release Date Revealed?

One Punch Man, Saitama to return with his mysteriously strong body for the third season. It has already been confirmed that this engrossing anime will return for the third season. Well, that doesn’t surprise me as Anime like this one deserves another one. You see the wordplay that I did there, HaHa. Now the question arises, when will the final season air?

One Punch Man Season 3 Release Date?

The previous season of the anime aired between April and July 2019. We had expected it to release around the same time this year too. However, looks like the pandemic delayed it too. I do not know how does the pandemic affects the production of an anime, that is majorly produced through software but it has delayed it.

We haven’t got the new release date yet, however, we expect it to be revealed soon. Perhaps the production team is waiting for a suitable time to drop this valuable information. Now we expect it to be released around the Spring of 2021 or perhaps earlier than that.

As far as the Netflix release is concerned, it will be available to stream on Netflix once it has completed its release in Japanese. Therefore it will release on Netflix a couple of months after its premiere in Japanese.

What might happen in the next season?

Well, no plot details have been revealed as usual. However, we do have some insights about what’s gonna happen. Firstly, Garo is gonna become an actual monster. We can only imagine that that power would be like. Perhaps he would have enough power to stand against Saitama’s punch.

Secondly, the fierce battle of Saitama is very much due now. We last saw him break a sweat in the first season so the third season would just be right for another one. Perhaps we might see him almost lose this time. Who knows!

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