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Opinion! Dear J.K. Rowling, Hogwarts Is Fictional, Transgenders Are Reality

J.K. Rowling
Source: Newshub

J.K. Rowling, the famous British writer who created the fictional world of Harry Potter. Well, guess what she writes books other than just the Harry Potter series. Recently, the fifth book in the series of Carmoran Strike titled ‘Troubled Blood’ was released. However, that 9000-page book already has controversy around it.

Twitter was flooded with the hashtags of pro and against Rowling, after Telegraph reviewed the book said, the book’s moral seems to be, “never trust a man in a dress”. One of the characters in the book, a male killer, disguises as a woman to abduct his victim is and it is based on two real-life men.

Rowling’s character is based on two real sadistic killers active in the 60s and 70s named Jerry Burgos and Rusell Williams. Both of them were master manipulators who took the victim’s women’s items of clothing as a trophy.

Here’s what we think about it

Well, I can see how offensive it could sound to the transgender community. The critics of the author accused her of revealing prejudice through a transphobic probe. However, she has supporters who stand with her right to write fiction without people jumping into conclusions about her beliefs.

To be honest, I think this is a little offensive from Rowling’s side. This shows that on some level Rowling is transphobic. Moreover, Rowling has often been in the question regarding the transgender community. Just recently in June, she wrote a detailed essay to defend her right to speak about trans and gay. She somehow, connected it to trans activism impacting women’s rights.

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However, then again we cannot take her right to create fiction as she wants. Although what she has written in her book is questionable, we still do not have the right to abuse her.

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