Orlando Jones Fired From ‘American Gods’! Points To Showrunner And Producer

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“There will be no more Mr. Nancy,” announced his interpreter in the American Gods series, Orlando Jones, on his Twitter account, “I have been fired.” The actor himself has been the one in charge of giving the news and, although he has chosen not to give names, he has pointed to the new showrunner of the third season of fiction, Charles “Chic” Eglee.

“He was born in Connecticut and educated at Yale, so he is very intelligent and thinks that Mr. Nancy’s angry attitude is the wrong message for black America,” he criticized.

The actor has added that “this white lord who makes the decisions and of which I am sure he has very good black friends who are his advisors, made it clear that if the angry God Mr. Nancy was not removed from the middle, an insurrection would begin in this country”.

In a later publication, Jones described the production of American Gods, Freemantle, as “a nightmare”, relating his dismissal with other cases like Gabrielle Union of America’s Got Talent.

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“I hope you enjoyed it a lot because this is really for you and I hope you liked it as much as I did,” he said. For their part, the creators have responded to their message, also on Twitter. “I loved every minute of working with this wonderful man,” Green shared. “My heart is broken,” the second has acknowledged.

The Third Season Is In Progress!

American Gods began filming his third season last October, premiering showrunner, Charles “Chic” Egleel, which Jones has blamed for his dismissal. The executive producer of series such as The Walking Dead, Dexter, The Shield, and Dark Angel is in charge of developing the new episodes of Starz and Amazon fiction.

Its arrival was a consequence of the stormy production that the series has had since the end of its first batch, when the original showrunners, Fuller and Green, abandoned fiction due to a budgetary disagreement with the producer FremantleMedia.

Jesse Alexander then assumed control of the recordings, although in mid-September it transpired that he had been removed from the shooting, editing, and production of the second season. Even so, American Gods won the renewal for the third one that is currently filming.

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